Day One arrives on consoles only in full release

After months of not posting any news about the First Day, Fntastic brought the content of this Wednesday (1). Previously planned to arrive this month, the title has been delayed again and will be available, early, December 7 for PC.

In a statement, the company thanked the community for its “constant support and faith”. The target of controversy due to legal implications, the studio won in court and now owns “Days Before”.

With this, the MMO will follow a new development, arriving in a special access to early computers. Starting December 7th, players will be able to purchase the game for US$39. There is no pre-sale period.

Fntastic also announced that the console edition will only be available in the future, at a total price of US $ 49 and only on the new generation. This price reflects a complete release, without a set date.

New trailer for Day Before Release

From the “final” trailer, fans of Days of Dawn can see almost 3 minutes of never-before-seen content. Features survival customization, open-world activities, exploration of post-apocalyptic maps, and inventory management.


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