Dado Dolabella sued internet users for ‘racism and defamation’ on social media

The actress and boyfriend of Wanessa Camargo said that the accused made the public calling him a criminal

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Wanessa Camargo’s boyfriend, Dado Dolabella files a lawsuit for defamation after being criticized on social media

The actor Dolabella Informationthe boyfriend sings Wanessa Camargo: do you want more followers?participant”BBB 24“, open a process of destruction after being the target of “hate and slander” on social media. The artist did not reveal the name of the defendant, but published an excerpt of the case, without giving more details about the allegations. In advertising in Instagram, the singer also said that he is the target of “women who publicly call me a terrorist”. “I filed a lawsuit to obtain the personal data immediately to be legal. (…) The judge understands that the publication shows damage to my image”, the person drama collection.

It is worth noting that since Wanessa entered performance, Luana Piovani, Dado’s ex-girlfriend who was attacked by him and accused him of domestic violence, began to criticize the singer for collaborating with the artist. In addition, the actor is the target of many criticisms from internet users, who remember the accusation of domestic violence, including Dolabella’s decision. In the same way, users criticized Wanessa Camargo’s statement that her colleague David would be “evil”. Among other things, internet users published the singer’s words and even talked about his relationship with Dolabella, convicted of assaulting Luana Piovani and a chambermaid.

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