Dado Dolabella filed a lawsuit for damages to justice after the attack on the relationship

Can’t eat anymore! Dado Dolabella decided to go to court after being the target of some social media attacks. Last Thursday, the 1st, Wanessa’s boyfriend announced on his social network that the insults he suffered had damaged his face.

Recently, when I became aware of many publications about me, which the authors lie, influenced by the video linked with the ridiculous and slanderous words, by the woman who incites the public to call me a criminal. And every now and then, you use social media to cause controversy for your own benefit, I filed a lawsuit to get, honestly, the personal information of the authors document to evaluate the law, it was written without mentioning the name.

It is worth noting that Luana Piovani, the actress’s ex-girlfriend, has mentioned it in some publications.

Dado also explained that the judge understood that the said post really damaged his image:

The judge understands that the ad shows damage to my image. The decision makes it clear that the internet is not a lawless land and anyone who continues to be liable for the crime.

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