Dado Dolabella blasts David from BBB 24 on social media

This Tuesday morning (06), Dado Dolabella, the boyfriend of the singer Wanessa Camargo, used Instagram to criticize Davi’s game from BBB 24 and accused Bahian of control and practice control.

No mincing your tongue

Dado Dolabella asked for more understanding from the public for his girlfriend. “Imagine if it was you. Just put yourself in his shoes“, he began in the Instagram story.

Dolabella said that on the first day, despite being warned by Leidy Elin, Davi put meat in the beans that Wanessa separated to cook. “Being (Wanessa) vegan and the only protein she eats there, she saw him practicing homophobia several times and screaming uncontrollably around the house.“, reflected the singer.

Letters from Dado Dolabella criticizing David on social media (production / Instagram / @ dadodolabella)

Wanessa’s boyfriend continued his criticism, accusing David of infidelity. Dolabella said David assaulted Giovana three times, kissed her neck, feet, legs, and even asked her to marry him, when he had a wife at home. “In addition, he practiced interrupting all the time, cutting only women and wanting to force his words. No respect for the church“, he wrote.

Mainterrupting, also known as male interruption, is when a man interrupts a woman in the middle of a speech with the purpose of trivializing her.


Dolabella continued his accusations David of manipulation and “dirty games”. “The holder” wrote Dolabella. For him, David made this very clear after he ‘removed’ the votes with Isabelle, Raquel and Michel, Vanessa always said. “However, with that, he left his friends on the wall and his ‘party’ in the lurch because he switched (voting) to Michel out of nowhere .”, he continued in his letter.

He lied when he said he didn’t say that between the box and the popcorn, the popcorn should win. Even his name… But, when Wanessa went to ask him, he said that he didn’t say that, he didn’t remember… Now, imagine that you are against all this. In other words, pepper for others is refreshment, right?” concluded Dado Dolabella.

Wanessa Camargo and Davi have had a conflict since the beginning of the project, resulting in a relationship with opinions from internet users.

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