‘Cyberland’, Police teach you how to navigate the Internet safely

Don’t be victimized by cybercriminals or don’t use new technology to attack. They are the target of Cyberlanda place that National Police and Foundation MAPFRE They teach citizens how to protect themselves against digital risks.

Those National Police and Fundación Mapfre will hold a new edition of Ciberland’s initiative next week in Madrid, which will teach the use of new technologies to ensure security and identify risks such as stealing passwords or messages false nature.

According to the Police, this new edition of Ciberland will be open to the public for free between Monday and Friday next in Plaza de España.

Experts will explain the ‘phishing’, ‘vishing’ and ‘smishing’ to avoid falling into scams linked to banks. They will also teach how to compare information and check reliable sources to spot fake news.

In addition, the consequences of the abuse of technology will be explained, such as physical and psychological problems or nomophobia, which is the fear of being left without have a cell phone.

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