CSP jumped to 435 thousand followers and like to buy bots on Instagram

Tigre jumped from 25 thousand to 435 thousand followers in social networks (Photo: Print / Instagram)

O CSP has seen a significant and rapid increase in followers on Instagram on Tuesday (6). The tiger jumped the most 435 thousand followers on Meta’s social network, the number that will let him be the one most follow the group in Paraíba. However, the numbers are dubious, even for the board of the João Pessoa club.

According to the analysis of those Paraíba Yajin a quick analysis of the integration, the balance of followers and interactions (likes and comments), there is no consistency.

Again, naturally, the jump is drastic. CSP gained more than 400,000 followers in one hour on Tuesday. Platforms like HypeAuditor They also registered Tigre’s profile on Instagram with 25 thousand followers. The same source points out that the group has proven evidence, something that was not seen in this profile on Wednesday (7).

Time had 25 thousand followers before the incredible growth (Photo: Print / HypeAuditor)

The profile coincidentally grew the same number of followers a few days in a row, with 3,611 new people. The behavior has appeared at least since October 14th of last year, repeating itself without interruption until February 5th of this year. Data is from Not Just Analytics.

CSP has gained the same number of followers since October 14th (Photo: Publicity/Non-Scientific)

“According to the visualization tool, they presented a follower data that grew the same number every day. They spent the day growing 12 followers, then 16, and reached more than 3,600 every day . This last behavior continued from October until the last two days. Collaboration is not uniform, there is a good relationship between interactions and followers. And, in fact, it’s like growth that’s not organic,” said an expert in digital strategy, who preferred to remain anonymous, Paraíba Yaj.

Not a Serie A team

For example, Tigre has more followers than Cuiabá and the regular Juventude, the team from Series A, which has 412 thousand and 214 followers, respectively. However, the Pessoense club does not compete in national competitions at the professional level.

In fact, recent publications by the group have also tended to increase rapidly, as noted by Paraíba Yaj.

The profiles that have been followed by CSP recently also appear to be fake, so called bots.

(Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

CSP itself knows the difference. The club issued a statement on Tuesday night (6), claiming that it “always follows and continues to follow the rules of the platform” and that it “protects its audience and join together”.

According to Tigre’s management, the rapid increase in followers happened “without any movement or cooperation from the club”.

Check out CSP’s report on how to increase followers

Centro Sportivo Paraibano makes it clear that it always follows and continues to follow the rules of this platform, where it receives its visitors and participation organically.

However, in recent days, there has been a rapid increase in followers, without any movement or cooperation from the club. The fact does not add to the Club’s plans, in fact, it affects the organization’s content and makes better business planning impossible, therefore, affects the CSP’s credibility.

Despite this situation, the club continues to insist that it will abide by the rules of this platform!

“Get a few followers”

Information on the explosion in CSP followers has reflected the comments on the group’s personal profile. “Buying followers sucks, mercy,” said one user.

“Where do you buy people?” and “submit the origin of ‘Arabeanos'” is the result of two users.

There are also people asking the club about the income. “Where are many disciples coming from? What’s the secret?” ask another user. While others said: “He bought a few disciples, thank God”.

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