Cruzeiro’s goal, Villalba made a cryptic post on the social network

Cruzeiro’s goal, Lucas Villalba shared a shocking message on social media this Friday (2/2). The 29-year-old defender published a video without captions, but with photos of the special occasion wearing the Argentinos Juniors shirt. On social media, fans felt that the announcement was a goodbye.

On his Instagram profile (@luquitaasvillalba), which is private to the public, Villalba posted a video with several photos – with fans and players – and some video moments from of his time at Argentino Juniors – such as special events in the stadium and save. plays, such as a move where the defender saves the ball over the line.

The song used by the defender in the advertisement is “Bicho de ciudad”, by the Argentine rock band “Los Piojos”. In part, the song speaks of things to come: “And don’t be afraid if I laugh like crazy / it’s normal that sometimes it’s like this / it’s life that always catches us small bit / dazzles us. with what is to come.”

At Argentinos Juniors since 2021, Villalba has played 127 games, five goals and five assists for the La Paternal team. The player also defends Independiente, Atlético Tucumán, Huracán and Aldosivi in ​​his country.

The target of Cruzeiro since the middle of January, the defender is waiting for negotiations with the club. This Friday (2/2), the team from Minas Gerais got a new candidate for hire – see details here.

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