Creativity speaks more than a thousand words. By Francisco Vial, Creative Director of Puzzle – G5noticias

This year 2023 will be remembered as the year that the market not only sells our products, but stories, thoughts and unforgettable experiences.

We begin with the courage of Barbie and her ‘Pink Billboard’, with the reminder that sometimes, silence communicates more than words. His campaign is a whisper that becomes a loud voice in the movie theater. This competition has given a lot to talk about and it is a pink paper with the release date of the film.

McDonald’s surprised us with ‘#RaiseYourArches’. Without a product, he reminded us that the raised eyebrows can be as powerful as the logo, joining the eyebrow of the eyebrow with the classic golden arches of his classic logo. This competition is a game of looks and gestures that speak directly to our hearts.

In Europe, the BBC has transformed “Eurovision” into a true carnival of colors and diversity, uniting the old countries in a song of solidarity with Ukraine.

In the car sector, Fiat surprised with ‘Operation No Grey’. The Italian car brand, in a protest, announced that it will renounce the color gray, one of the safe bets in the car industry, as a way of change joy, passion and life that characterize Italy, for its cars.

One campaign that has surpassed traditional advertising is the collaboration between Heinz and Absolut, called “Being Better.” The difference between ketchup and vodka has captured the public’s imagination, enjoyed nostalgia and created a deep connection. The competition, which combines the beauty and importance of the two brands, has spread in social networks, creating organic discussions and user-generated content. This success has shown the power of collaboration and how bringing two popular brands together can create magic.

L’Oréal, with its campaign for INOA, invited us to a game of color, changing the way beauty products are seen. PepsiCo, in a new campaign, turned its Pepsi Meals campaign in Malaysia into an interactive campaign that took the audience beyond the drink. And finally, Bose, with QuietComfort Earbuds II, closed the year by crossing the noise of the world to bring moments of peace and clarity.

In 2023, the world of advertising has managed to create more advertising in the audience, showing that creativity knows no limits or means and the best plans are those which is still preserved in our memory, those that take us beyond the traditional, because it achieves what the target wants, reaches directly into the mind and forgets its generation, and becomes a part of his culture.

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