“Corna on the Internet”; Poliana Rocha reflects when responding to internet users, including questions about the impact of being the target of internet criticism


Leonardo’s wife interacted with followers, spoke insults and advice about marriage

Photo: Instagram / Reproduction
Photo: Instagram / Reproduction

Poliana Rocha answers personal questions from followers

Influencer Poliana Rocha took to social media to share her motivation on Tuesday (31). Famous people, known for being married to the singer Leonardo, answered personal questions from his followers, including some controversial ones.

Encouraging everyone to “be serious in everything”, the famous person said: “You never fail by being good and having a good attitude. One day the bill arrived and you’ll be thankful you didn’t get the virus,” he said in his Instagram Stories.

Virginia talks to Poliana Rocha and her son – Published: Youtube / Virginia

Celebrity shows how to deal with criticism

After publishing the question box on social media, Poliana Rocha does not shy away from controversial topics. When asked what he thought was the target of criticism as a “cuckold” on the Internet, he answered: “People hate their time with me! (…) When I see that they are words no good, I don’t look at it!”, he said.

The influencer also gave advice for a good marriage. “The secret to happiness in marriage is not to lose yourself and not to say how much and what you like about the person you are going to marry!”, said Poliana Rocha.

What Internet users are saying

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