Coppel returns online: can you buy online?

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Finally, good news for customers Coppel! And, as you may remember, a few days ago, the company began to suffer a lot failed in your online storeleave its customers and / or customers without being able to make a purchase or payment, but it looks like a high, little, return and the website is now workingand now the question is: “Can you buy it online?” Here we will explain to you.

We live in a time that The Internet has made everything (or almost everything) easier.; Today it is not necessary to leave the house to do all kinds of shopping (groceries, clothes, etc.), but it is enough to open the computer or bring the mobile phone. of the comforts of home. However, What happens, then, when one of our favorite places begins to fail? This happens with Coppel recently and, since then, there has been a significant concern for consumers.

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Coppel makes its website online, but what about its online shopping?

April 20The store has published a statement on its social network in which it explains that “Recently we have identified a failure in some of our systems, so the response, prevention and analysis procedures for these situations are activated immediately.” After a thorough investigation process, we have determined that this is a cyber security incident, so we are strengthening our measures and controls.”.

More than a week has passed since the incident as well Coppel There is good news for its customers, because Your website looks like it will be reworked.; however, What about online shopping? Are there any changes in the internet? The store has mentioned the following:

“At the moment it is not possible to buy online, soon we will make more services available on our site and App Coppel”show a short message on the shop page.

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Yes, an online site Coppel It was enabled, though You still can’t make purchases from the said platformso the store invites customers to visit one of its body designs.

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