Copilot will run directly on a PC without an internet connection, says Intel

Copilot will run directly on a PC without an internet connection, says Intel
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Copilot will run directly on a PC without an internet connection, says Intel

Intel confirmed, during a conference on artificial intelligence in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, that the Microsoft Copilot AI service will soon be directly on the PC without the need to work in the cloud.

The information was confirmed by Intel executives in an interview with Tom’s Hardware website during an event in the Taiwanese capital. According to representatives of the chipmaker, Microsoft has requested a performance of 40 TOPS (trillion operations per second) for the Neural Processing Units (NPUs) that will be installed on the new generation of AI PCs.

The operation of AI PCs

Currently, all requests and commands sent to Microsoft Copilot are processed in the cloud – which causes some delay in receiving a response from the AI, regardless of the size of the task.

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With the next generation of PCs equipped with artificial intelligence, AI PCs, computers will be able to run things locally without having to connect to a remote control over the internet.

Recent rumors have shown that Microsoft wants the ability to work on 40 TOPS in AI PCs, which Intel has now confirmed at an event in Taiwan.

However, no processor is currently available in the market capable of this. The highest NPU speed comes from the Apple M3 with 18 TOPS, followed by AMD’s Ryzen 8040 and 7040 laptop chips with 16 and 10 TOPS respectively.

Copilot no AI PCs

According to Tom’s Hardware, Intel said that it is already working on a product that meets Microsoft’s requirements and will allow local processing of many tasks on AI PCs.

“That doesn’t mean that everything in Copilot will be done locally, but you will have a lot of important things that will happen in the NPU,” Intel’s director of the PC ecosystem Todd Lewellen told the site.

Despite the comments at the event, Intel did not give time for chips with 40 TOPS NPUs. Qualcomm is now preparing the launch of Snapdragon X Elite with 45 TOPS for the end of this year.

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