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Last Saturday, the 28th, the Call on Internet was held at the sixth edition of the Innovation Summit SC 2023, held at the Arena Multiuso Prefeito Estêner Soratto da Silva. The event has a lot of public content, including a speech by entrepreneur and writer Murilo Gun.

During the event, the Call on reveal it Data Center and services Cloud Contact for those who pass by your stand. As the company’s Technology and Infrastructure manager, Alexander FenzkeContato Cloud aims to bring the most modern cloud services and data security closer to customers. “The data center was built according to the strictest international standards, construction and operation, in order to meet the needs of companies looking for data storage and solutions with security and reliability. We provide national and, in general, regional markets, high performance and availability of cloud services, and daily backup and data storage solutions for companies of all sizes”, said the manager.

Contato business assistantBarbara Pereira, point out that the purpose of cooperation in this letter has been to make a profit for the company.“We are very happy to have had the opportunity to be part of the Science Fair, our presence at the event was marked by a special place for the presentation of our Contato Cloud and the news that we are bringing to Contato. Providing good access to the event is our mission, and we are happy to know that everyone who is there can connect with the world. Talking Innovation is an amazing event that offers the opportunity to meet people, share knowledge and explore new ideas,” indicate the partner.

Counselor Joyce Kruger promote the importance of the event to the region. “The Innovation Summit aims to strengthen the innovation category, stimulate discussion about the future of business, stimulating digital transformation. It is an event aimed at entrepreneurs and leaders who looking for constant updates and without interest. Contato has joined the previous post, but in this one it is with a different purpose, which is to present our new service, Contato Cloud”, about Joyce.

About Calling Cloud

The design is built in the design, performance and safety according to Tier III. The Data Center has high performance, security and reliability, with the ability to perform maintenance without interruption in operations.

The service has a strong power supply, using its own power substation, early detection and fire extinguishing using inert gas, air conditioning and humidity control with high-tech and equipment electricity, plus other features that make the model complete. Safe. and doing well.

Source: Press Office

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