Consent to ensure security is required on the internet connection

Bill 1971/23 determines that electronic products with internet access can be sold in the country if they have security measures that prevent them from setting up malicious plans, from third parties and leakage of personal information.

The text under review in the Chamber of Deputies inserts provisions into the Marco Civil da Internet, also to be followed by subsequent provisions. Any failure to comply with the law in the future will subject the offender to penalties provided in the Consumer Protection Code and other regulations.

“It has become common for citizens to have to protect themselves against attempts to steal data, information and bank passwords; the infection of devices that are not there is an end to viruses and malicious plans; and fraud increases “, said the author of the proposal, vice president Zé Vitor (PL-MG).

“I understand that manufacturers and products that are able to connect to the Internet must be responsible for providing the minimum security equipment, providing the public able to protect themselves in the virtual forest without having to be an expert on the subject”, continued Ze Vitor.


The project is clear and will be reviewed by the Research, Technology and Innovation Committee; Consumer protection; and the constitution and justice and public.

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