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A unique adventure, ten countries and more than 28,000 miles. That is the journey that Santiago Pérez, a Colombian cyclist and adventurer, together with his partner, has traveled, since leaving Medellín in September 2023. The couple Dad has a blog Caminos sobre Ruedas, where they describe this trip to the northernmost region. of America, in Alaska, United States. The incident went viral on social networks.

Colombian traveled from Medellín to Alaska by motorcycle

Pérez He is a lover of two wheels and shares his experience with his girlfriend in his blog. Instagram; that over 84,000 followers. It all started in May 2023, when he decided to put his motorcycle with a few trunks and with the intention of doing this. over.

In a video shared by him social networksdescribe the way he used to travel Alaskaafter leaving the capital of antioquia.

“You take ‘regional’ by Medellin, then you reach San Juan and walk to Urabá. There you go to Turbo and you can climb the motorcycle on board, like we did, over the Darien Gap. Or if you don’t want to take a lot of risk, you can send it in cargo Cartagena the plane from Bogota“he explained.

The man explained that crossing the motorcycle from a couple of boats is not good, but that, unlike the previous options, it is the cheapest (about $900).

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