Coins from the 4th century AD found in the Sardinian sea

Rome (EFE) to the northeast of the Italian island of Sardinia. , and represents one of the most important numismatic discoveries in recent years.

The Italian Ministry of Health announced the findings and explained that, according to the first estimate, according to the total weight, the number of copper coins will be in the middle between 30,000 and 50,000 examples, “much more, therefore, than those seen in 2013 in the United Kingdom.” Kingdom, in Seaton, when 22,888 follis resurfaced.

The discovery was made by many people during the diving season, who found some metal still in the depths, not far from the coast, and the next day experts from the Director Inspectors of Archeology and Carabineros went to the area and located two large areas. . where the coins are placed.

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All coins extracted are in a unique and rare state of preservation, Culture added.

The content of the coins is between 324 (coins of Licinius) and 340 AD, a date confirmed by the presence of coins of Constantine the Great and all members of the immediate family This makes Caesars but the most important from the lack of centennials. , minted after 346 AD

“The development and conservation of coins and documents will allow us to expand and deepen our knowledge of the content of the findings from the many documents still available. taken out,” the ministry explained.

According to the head of the Italian Directorate of Archaeology, Luigi La Rocca: “The treasure found in the waters of Arzachena represents one of the most important numismatic discoveries in recent years and highlights once again the rich and important archaeological heritage that hides. the depths of our seas, crossed by men and products since the most distant times.”

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