CMM’s social networks ranked 4th in the national legal profile discussion ranking

CMM's social networks ranked 4th in the national legal profile discussion ranking

CMM social networks (Photo: Disclosure/Dicom/CMM)

Manaus (AM) – The relationship of the Manaus City Council (CMM) has reached the 4th place in interaction in 2023, among the politicians of the laws nationwide. The ranking, which was published on Tuesday (6), by the intelligence and business platform SocialMediagov, shows that the Manaus Chamber is the only country listed in the ranking.

According to the ranking, together, CMM’s profiles on Instagram, Evaluation counts the number of likes, comments and shares of the post.

Manaus City Council is the only municipal legislative body in the country to appear in the 10 most interactive profiles in 2023.

“The president of the Chamber, the councilor Caio André, gave us the challenge of bringing the city Parliament closer to our citizens, and this recognition is the result of the work of a dedicated team to complete this project. We are all very happy and above all, focused on achieving more important results”, said CMM Communications Director, Mario Marinho.

For CMM’s Social Media Manager, Lucas Raposo, the result is the result of the cooperation of the entire team from the Department of Communication of the Manaus City Council.

“The fastest and most effective way to bring the public into the government is through the media. In CMM profiles we offer products from TV Câmara, Rádio Câmara and the school the website, which can be accessed anywhere in the world, at any time. This guarantees more transparency and relations with the public”, he explained.

And this interaction will be even more in 2024, reports the legislative committee. With the debut of the new Rádio Câmara and TV Câmara programming, scheduled for February 19th, all programs of the time will receive a place in social media.

“Our goal is to promote greater integration of the various vehicles that make up CMM’s Dicom. And with that, all programs will be broadcast simultaneously on TV, Radio and Social Networks ” , Raposo concluded.

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