Cloud giants consolidate their reign in the internet industry at Hannover Messe

Those 2024 edition of Hannover Messe, the world’s largest business fair, arrived this week at an important time. In the recent Antwerp report, the EU and the business community shared bold and innovative measures in the next cycle that will begin after the European elections for support the Pact for Trade which allows companies on the continent to follow the rules of the Green Deal without competition from China and the United States.

The thought of this meeting is that there is no time for frivolities or hype: we must now use the technology that is ripe to improve productivity and speed. In 2016, walking through his path, Angela Merkel, then the German chancellor, and Barack Obama, the president of the United States, signed the agreement between the European economy 4.0 and the North American industrial internet. Today, the assumption is that one of the two has emerged as the winner.

At Hannover Messe many fairs merge into one. In a good hand of stands you will not only see the exhibitor’s technological innovations, but also small stands for companies that it is technologically connected. In conclusion, it can be said that our house is the ruler of the game of thrones now, the owners of the cloud: Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft. This year, when entering the participants, the guests come across the content of listening from Accenture, Deloitte, ABB, Cognizant, GE Digital, Nvidia, Siemens, Bosch, NTT Data, Cognite, Ansys …

The success stories are overwhelming. The BMW Group has worked with Google Cloud to create digital twins of its real assets using Vertex AI. Now you can improve the organization of your workplace in seconds by introducing the necessary features from SORDI Gen AI.

Inactivity and inventory

It is the reason that big business like Toyota Motors North America (TMNA) has managed to avoid the recession and increase the productivity of its factories by 10% as well as predictive maintenance solutions based on AWS applications.

Along the same lines, one of the largest food chains in the world, Tyson Foodshuh automated time-consuming manual process, such as inventory and inspection systems, integrate machine learning-powered computer vision into their production lines. All this also comes from the hands of AWS.

Speaking to ‘technology’, Judith Wiese, member of Siemens’ global management team, explained that, at a time “when everything moves to the cloud, You get attached equipment and additional informationbecause the software allows it. The concept of the business platform “is that there is no pie and everyone fights to make the biggest part of it, but you can give more people access to the platform, to the ecosystem , and the pie grows.” “This is the strategy around our collaboration with Nvidia, Microsoft and AWS,” he added.

Support scaling

One of the true trends of justice is that standardization to fit scaling. Wiese gave the Lego brick model as an example: “We need a model so that the bricks fit together and our technology can run on our customers’ devices.” Andreas Eckle, the new CIO of PowerCo, explained that they chose SAP as a software partner for their first Saltzgitter plant precisely because “the pre-processes from the SAP model can be implemented quickly.” PowerCo, in fact, encourages its employees to work with what it calls a “thinking model.”

Precisely, that of those battery manufacturers today is one of the most honest emerging markets the development of the business metaverse and generative AI embedded in robots. “They are trying to make a record time from the pilot factory to the gigafactory, they are willing to make sure that before they start building something that big I don’t know how many places to kick ball that they understand how to turn out in real life,” Wiese noted.

Another important vector is no problem is lVirtualization of the physical world through the so-called digital twin. Siemens has opted for what it calls a metaverse business with Nvidia and its latest announcement is an API that allows you to pay per use. It has also partnered with the technology manufacturer Schaeffler to promote its big bet at the Hannover Messe, Industrial Copilot, which improves the relationship between humans and robots with artificial intelligence (AI ).

AI everywhere, on demand. At two Bosch plants in Germany, artificial intelligence produces synthetic images to create and evaluate visual inspection. Fujitsu has announced an AI-based quality check for REHAU Business capable of detecting 99.3% of defects.

“AI is a method, not an application”Fabian Bause, product manager at Beckhoff said. For Jan Seyler, head of the AI ​​department at Festo Research and Innovation, “the question would be better if machines or algorithms can create machines. “Goods and work . .. can be done by algorithms?”

We are moving from an environment where production is predictable and more or less normal – although there are automated AGVs (vehicles) and AMRs (robots) in motion – for installation as autonomy, with machines able to decide what they need to do to be smart. Intrinsic is a software and artificial intelligence company from Alphabet, Google’s parent company, designed to provide free access to robots.

More can be achieved through digitalization from what we see now. The machine we want to land in 2030 already exists. It’s a question of how to do it as soon as possible, Wiese said in what was another positive message at Hannover Messe. “Sometimes in Europe I think we don’t have a level of pragmatism. “New technologies that have not yet been able to demonstrate their benefits through measurement.”

Related news

It is not unusual to be famous Hermes gifts of Hannover Messe fall in German Schunk for its AI-assisted location selection and handling gripper. The prize for technological support, present throughout the event, is the Hermes Startup prize for Archigas, which has developed a compact and moisture-resistant sensor for measuring hydrogen content, which makes achieve its success at high performance measuring the thermal conductivity of your microchip. Special mention is necessary for the proposals to promote direct current electricity, a little current in the usual green guidelines, but with more and more followers in the business stable copy.

Little Spanish

Little Spanish is present in the world of communication technology for business. At the government, the director of Business and SME Strategy, Jordi García Brustenga, can be seen on the first day. The best company, no doubt, Madrid Ekonoke, its model to digitize the production of hops, which is an important part of beer, received a prominent place at the Siemens stand. AND Castilla-La Mancha took a step forward with its own participants. In the absence of ICEX.

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