Clearing the weather today? Fixed Internet, TV and phone if there is no signal

Claro network signal seems to be down today (06). On social media, users reported problems when trying to use the internet, cable TV and telephone.

According to the Down detector website, the instability has lasted for more than 24 hours, many users are frustrated with the operator, who has experienced constant instability. According to some reports on the Reclame aqui website, there are customers of the operator who have experienced problems for more than 1 week.

O Google Trends, the platform that monitors Google searches in real time, reports that, in the past, there have been inquiries about questions such as “Internet Claro without internet”, “Internet Claro without signal” , “claro no internet”, “internet clear off the air” and “clear off the air today 2023”. Studies show that the instability will affect the states in the East, Northeast, Central-West and South.

What happens when the Claro signal is not available?

If you are experiencing problems with Claro’s signal, don’t worry. Here are some simple steps you can follow to try and solve the problem:

  1. Turn off your cell phone: This can help reset your phone’s connection to the Claro network.
  2. Remove the chip from the device: This can help reset your SIM card network connection.
  3. Wait a few minutes: This gives the chip and phone time to “rest”.
  4. Replace the chip: Make sure the chip is inserted correctly.
  5. Open the device: This should allow the phone to reconnect to the network.
  6. Wait for the signal to return: It will take a few seconds for the signal to return.

What if the signal still does not return?

If the signal still does not return after following the steps above, it is recommended to contact Claro. You can do this by calling 1052 or logging into the Minha Claro app. They will be able to provide additional assistance and may inform you of any known problems with the network.


Although it can be frustrating to deal with service, it is important to remember that these situations are usually temporary. Following the above steps will help to solve the problem faster. If all else fails, contact Claro for more information and assistance.

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