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Although carousels are useful, the report notes that they are used less compared to other types. This information presents an opportunity for brands to innovate and differentiate their content on LinkedIn.

Wednesday at 10 am is the best time to post on LinkedIn, when the target carousel is the king of engagement and interaction. These are some of the decisions of Metricool’s annual study on the use of social media by companies and companies. With a rigorous analysis covering 41,170 company pages and 1,578,969 publications worldwide between October, November and December 2023 and January 2024, this report provides insights for brands and companies looking to maximize their potential and value on LinkedIn.

The review also divides the business into different categories based on the number of followers, from “small” to “large”. A positive relationship is found between account size and the number of impressions from the ad, with “large” accounts making an average of 6,484 impressions. However, Metricool emphasizes that posting frequency does not necessarily translate into many impressions, because other factors such as the number of followers and the virality of the post play a role. important in reaching out.

Format and frequency of posting on LinkedIn

In terms of ad type, carousels were found to be the most inspired of the medium, followed by text ads with images and videos. Although carousels are useful, the report notes that they are used less compared to other types. This information shows the opportunity for brands to create and present their content on LinkedIn to stand out in the sea of ​​publications.

Regarding the frequency of advertising, a significant difference was found between the funds of the variable. The “big” accounts are the ones that post the most, with an average of 1.24 posts per day, while the “small” accounts have less, with an average of 0.21 posts per day. This finding highlights the importance of consistency in advertising activities to maintain relevance and audience engagement.

Another interesting part of the report is the average video watch time, which is between 13 and 15 seconds across all accounts. This shows that longer videos can lose users’ attention and highlights the importance of creating relevant and relevant content on this platform.


In terms of cooperation and interaction, significant differences were observed between different types of media. The company once again introduced the carousel, which achieved a combined rate of 32%; compared to 11% for images or 4.3% for text and video. It is also the type that generates the most clicks, with an average of 427, and one of the most shared, with an average of 1.79 shares per post.

When it comes to hashtags, research shows that including between one and three hashtags per post is the best for getting comments, likes, impressions, and clicks. As a matter of fact, it is noted that an average of 4.6 hashtags are used per post and 2.5 emojis per post.

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