Cigarettes, the biggest crime in the history of capital – 01/11/2023 – Drauzio Varella

Excluding slavery, tobacco is the biggest crime in the history of international trade.

If we compare the death toll from these two heinous crimes, we will see that the tobacco industry killed more people hundreds of years ago than slavery in the entire history of mankind.

Smoking shortens life: on average, ten years if you are a woman and 12 years if you are a man. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in the 21st century, tobacco will cause around 800 million deaths.

Over the years, the tobacco industry has invested billions of dollars in international advertising to associate cigarettes with sports, fitness, and the beauty of women. and the charm of rich men. With this treacherous strategy, bribery and a millionaire political lobby, he corrupted the police and silenced the media. Any news, publication or comment that mentions the health problems caused by smoking is punishable with financial penalties.

Research has proven the association between cigarettes and cancer back in the 1950s. Pressure from companies, however, prevents this information from being published. out in the news for more than three decades.

While the world is aware of the many diseases linked to smoking and the costs to health, many countries have started to publish education and create laws to ban advertising from the media. big

Despite many years behind industrialized countries, Brazil has taken measures to prevent smoking, considered a good model by WHO experts. As a result, the incidence of adult smoking in our country fell below 10%. Today, we smoke less than Americans and all European countries.

Recognizing the social changes that lead to a decrease in the number of smokers and a decrease in the number of consumers who die early, the industry produces electronic cigarettes. I’m not surprised; More than 30 years in prison have taught me not to underestimate the perversity of the criminal world.

There are many products in the market, but they all have four main components: the reservoir, a heating device, a battery and the inhaler mouth. The reservoir contains liquid nicotine liquid and many aromas that are pleasant to children’s taste: chocolate, apple, raspberry, as well as menthol, giving a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Electronic products are designed in such a way that they are suitable for smokers who want to overcome nicotine dependence. See how it makes sense, dear reader: a business that has gained astronomical profits from the sale of cigarettes to nicotine smokers produces devices for inhaling nicotine with the brand goal of reducing the number of smokers. Be stupid enough to believe these people.

This action has never been proven in science. On the other hand, selling good products to children and young people is very difficult. The presentation in the form of flash drives and pens and the belief that they are a modern version of cigarettes, without the bad smell and harm associated with them, made a break in in eating.

Today’s children and teenagers smoke e-cigarettes – just like me and my regular smokers – without any idea of ​​the harm they are doing. For them, just like us, it’s just no smoke that helps us as adults.

It turns out that electronic products contain a lot of nicotine, which causes the greatest impact on the body. I have said several times in this column that it is easier to get rid of nicotine, as I learned in prison. Children and teenagers who start smoking the nicotine found in electronic products cannot stop.

Years of efforts to fight smoking have been thrown in the trash: we have created a new generation of nicotine addicts who will never smoke.

At this time, the industry is moving its lobby to get Anvisa approval for the energy supply. With the excuse of bringing the bad products they sell under the control of health officials, what they need is to get permission from the organization in order to spread of nicotine dependence among children.

Exactly the same evil continues to be done to my generation and those before me.

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