Checkmate is a criminal organization that has defrauded thousands of people online in different states of Spain

Government delegate in Castilla y León, Virginia Barconestogether with representatives of the government in Valladolid, Alicia Villarand the commander of the Valladolid Command, Manuel Andres Velardepresented the work with the cybercrime created by Benemérita in Valladolid which gave the true truth of the discussion of the story.

As Barcones announced, the Valladolid Civil Guard, in Operation ‘Clickeda’, began to destroy the criminal organization with the arrest of 15 people and the investigation of another 62 related to the network. These are people of different nationalities who have been arrested for the crime of fraud, money laundering, organized crime and the crime of computer interference in various states of Spain.

As the government representative explained, the agency is committed to fraud through the use of ICT, or otherwise, with the technology that has been used to create new forms of communication and to do so they use fraudulent techniques such as “vishing” or “smishing”, which affects hundreds of people, who are bank customers.

The search that started in 2022

Virginia Barcones explained that the investigation began last year, 2022, after a total of 54 complaints that were filed in different cities of Valladolid. The amount swindled more, neither more nor less, which reaches 111,290 euros.

All those who are scammed are bank customers who receive phone calls and SMS, which is the real account they are customers. They had to enter the application for security reasons, and there they provided all the information, before making many changes.

Government delegate in Castilla y León, Virginia Barconesadding that in addition to the 54 complaints filed in the Pucelana region, hundreds more who have not filed complaints are affected.

In almost twenty provinces of Spain

After starting to work against this crime, the staff managed to find that the crime was more widespread because it affected 18 states more than Valladolid. Especially The project affects Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​Gerona, Lérida, Tarragona, Balearic Islands, Huesca, Valencia, Las Palmas, Castellón, Cádiz, Seville, Córdoba, A Coruña, Ourense, Madrid, Toledo, Murcia and Navarraup to 77 writers in these places.

This is, as Barcones confirmed, an operation against fraudulent calls and SMS that took more than a year and a half in investigation. Investigations that have continued to companies in Ireland, Belgium, Lithuania, Germany, Morocco, France and Luxembourg.

In addition, a wide network of business “mules” has been identified. A person who is appointed by another person or group of people to act as an intermediary in financial transactions. The bank mule receives illegal funds in his account and transfers them to other accounts, paying for each transaction.

The Valladolid Civil Guard has initiated a process related to these cases, which has been placed at the disposal of the Valladolid Guard Court.

A criminal organization specializing in “suitcase fraud” has been dismantled

The government representative, Virginia Barcones, also announced that the Civil Guard, in the framework of the Operation ‘Suitcase’ managed to destroy a criminal organization, made up of people of different nationalities, nine in all, and who live in Barcelona and Valencia, as the perpetrators of the crime of fraud, money laundering and membership in organized crime groups. They do with “business bag”.

He was searched and arrested for these nine people who does the fraud on the internet with this fraud, defrauding so far a total of 30,000 euros in different parts of Spain. A total of 24 victims from different parts of the country have been identified.


The Civil Guard started the investigation in July 2022 when it was received complaints of Laguna de Duero Main Postby a person that the organization has cheated with this way more than € 900 through different and money transfers from “Bizum”, to recover the luggage of a friend who was arrested in Canada.

As a result of the investigation, it was learned that similar events occurred in other places in the Spanish territory, the investigators thought that after it there could be a good organization the most hierarchical crime specialized in the type of fraud people, called street. of “business bag”.

The origin of the scam begins with the victim receiving a text message that the scammer They were brought as a family member or friend of the victim in the foreign affairs and with the backpack immobilized at the airport.

Some of the victims received from the words images of the photos of the supposedly detained suitcases, as well as the photos of the report of the accused employee of the plane that the people in family or friends travel. Sometimes victims receive international calls from multiple numbers, from someone claiming to be an employee of the airline involved in the flight.

All this with the purpose of creating enough faith in the victim about the alleged problem with the bag.

Since then They asked to change the money to open the load by bank transfer or ‘Bizum’ to send money and phone. When the funds are received by the organization, the refunds are made in cash, at ATMs or bank transfers are made in other ways that make it difficult to track the money, in the end correct sent to his superiors.

In order to obtain information on people who have traveled, the organization uses social engineering (a technique that cybercriminals use for various purposes, including obtaining information and personal information from users and with them create stories that are believed to promote fraud and modify scams. the unique characteristics of each victim), and track conversations, they also use viruses that allow them to monitor conversations.

To this day they have managed to deceive more than €30,000 for 24 victimsno investigators determined that there were many affected persons who had not filed complaints.

For all these reasons, representatives of the Valladolid Civil Guard, experts in radio crime, went to Barcelona and Valencia to arrest and investigate 9 people, five women and four man, aged between 24 and 46 years, of foreigners and who. for these cases have been charged with the crime of fraud, money laundering and membership in a criminal organization.

The Department of Justice of Valladolid shows the procedure that has been done to the Department of Justice in Valladolid, leaving criminals. release pending demand from Judicial Authority.

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