Check out the news that FB Net is planning to celebrate 17 years

In November, FB Net turned 17 years old. Consolidated as one of the evidence in technology in Vale do Taquari, the internet provider created in Venâncio Aires paving the way for a new era focused on serving the community. To this end, he presented the project InspiraFB to the public, an initiative that seeks to support the work of innovation, education and funding through the promotion of events .

According to Grasiela Tarelli, chief financial officer of FB Net, the goal is to build bridges of creativity and desire with a broad mind to find solutions to everyday problems in communities where the company work. “We believe that real change comes from empowering conversations. This is why every initiative that was born under the “Inspira FB” seal is the result of a potential change”, he observes.

Announced on October 20th, the project has been doing well for some time. After all, since 2015, FB Net has held events for professionals and technology companies, as well as lectures for regional schools that seek to help those students in public schools. “The purpose of action, which is not present, is to contribute to society, since the advancement of technology in an area only occurs when the whole society advances ke”, explained Junior Bohn, the director of the company.

An example of this is FB Net’s relationship with the Venâncio Aires Women’s League for the Prevention of Cancer, which, among other things, has internet and telephone services from the company . “We want to give a face and voice to these actions, bring them together in the same format and be able to do some of the best advertising to show that it is worth investing in FB Net, when we reinvest in society”, identified Bohn.

InspiraFB Happy Hour

More than bringing together of various actions from FB Net, the project will start a new movement. Among them, InspiraFB Happy Hour, which had its first edition at the end of October. The event was attended by 17 guests from the technological areas of Venâncio Aires and Mato Leitão and focused on discussing the Internet and 5G in the Era of Artificial Intelligence. Meanwhile, the 2nd edition has already been confirmed on November 21st and will celebrate World Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, celebrated on November 19th.

“The project focuses on technology and innovation, but also supports all causes that it sees as relevant. And, in a way, female entrepreneurs there is an aspect of innovation in the community configurations, which should be celebrated and encouraged. It is always an inspiration, “Grasiela concluded.

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