Chatting and stuff is annoying and unpleasant

Spiritual leaders throughout the ages have said that we focus on “being,” not “having.”

Chatting and stuff is annoying and unpleasant

This may be easier said than done, especially considering that we live in an important product culture, whose progress is measured in terms of consumption and have things.

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Chatting and stuff is annoying and unpleasant

Phillip Ozimek and colleagues at Bochum University (Germany) want to understand how interactive technology, known as social media, affects these devices and how this affects health indicators eg stress or happiness.

Six different questions were used to determine the extent to which participants have positive attitudes and like to compare themselves with others, whether they use social media more or less, even how addicted they are, how stressed they are and how satisfied they are. yes. they got on with their lives.

1,230 people were interviewed – on average, the participants said they spend about two hours a day on social media.

The road is not happy

“The data has shown that a strong way of using things goes hand-in-hand with a preference for comparison with others,” Ozimek says. And this comparison is very easy to make in networks, mostly by using passive, that is, observing content from other users.

Materialism and passive consumption have also been shown to be related to drug use in relationships. “By this we mean, for example, that users are constantly thinking about their channels and are afraid of missing something if they are not online,” explained the researcher.

This, in turn, causes symptoms of mental health problems, such as depression. The last link in the chain is reduced life satisfaction. “Overall, this study provides further evidence that social media use is associated with risk, especially for people with positive emotions,” Ozimek concluded.

This is especially worrying because social media can be useful and can be very profitable, for example through influencer marketing. At the same time, platforms like how customers are, because they are the best way to meet various needs.

Chatting and stuff is annoying and unpleasant

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