Casio BABY-G: Why they are the icon that needs to be reinvented

With the technological development of the late 90s, the competition is important for those Casio BABY-G is the invention of smartphone. In fact, it can be said that these are the first of those smartwatch Today, though IB-G still proves that he is the one perfect look For daily use, suitable for a busy lifestyle that more than the ability to display the desired time. Who needs to check their phone when you IB-G It has solar charge; world time, stopwatch and alarm? In addition, the marble floor can be placed on it and it will survive, which cannot be said to your phone.

Do you have any?Take care

The real thing the main dish The nostalgic novelty is the animated animal characters incorporated into each model. You might kill your Tamagotchi or your Nintendogs in no time, but with this animal – there’s a whole thread on Reddit collecting animals – it can’t be killed, plus you can watch it dance on the screen.

When the world of watches is torn between buying for investment and buying for sentimentality, the Casio BABY-G is steadfast in the matter of mind, given that its creator, CASIO, is the gateway for many of us to learn to tell time. “My brother gave it to me IB-G about 15 years ago, when I was still in high school,” says Julien Torreto, see collection“Out of his thoughts, it was my first ‘real’ watch, which I wore every day for years, and which made me care deeply. I remember that at that time I entered into my hip-hop stage and influenced by Pharrell and Nigo, from the Bape brand. They always coordinate their watches with their clothes, and can often be seen sporting G-Shock /IB-G on their wrists. I bought mine specifically in white to follow them. “

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