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Consultation of important information and information on the various sections of sport and recreation in Cartagena, in a unified, reliable and integrated way on the same topic, immediately try this possible with the use of modern methods that will be presented on Friday, November 3rd by the District of Sport and Sports -IDER.

This is the Sport and Recreation Program (SIDR), the first in Cartagena in this area, its structure and content are adapted to the DANE data management process, and follow as open government guidelines created by the Ministry of information and communications technologies.

Viviana Londoño Moreno, director of IDER, confirmed that from now on, all information related to the Department of Sports, capacity and related training sports, motivation for athletes and sports organizations, with the content of the body and the beneficiaries of the projects and ideas of the Healthy Habits and Lifestyles programs , and Community Recreation, Recréate Cartagena, etc., are now within reach of a click, from anywhere in the world.

“This will contribute to the development of research and research by different public and private organizations, to support the investment in the business; for records or information nature and for general inquiries from athletes, sports organizations or interested citizens,” said the director.

SIDR, hosted on the IDER website, was created by a group of experts assigned to the Observatory of Sciences Applied to Sports, Recreation and Physical Activity; It has 23 documents, created by automation, with beautiful visualization and access to georeferencing schemes, as well as online consultation and download of various types by users.

“For example, a person who wants to investigate a specific sports event can complete the time and location of a map, and find information related to his model. , capacity, current state, investment, etc.; as well as specifying the location of each physical activity center or center of the Institute of Sport and Technology train the work, at the same time know the statistics of their resources and influence. Likewise, you can access detailed information about the organization’s activities and investments , “Jhonatan Ballestas, the developer of the system explained.

The ship is on its way to the port Racket Complex, and is expected to arrive on February 3, 20, 00:00 pm for representatives of educational institutions, boys police, sports organizations, football players, journalists, representatives from public organizations. and community representatives.

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