Carrefour drops this beastly high-end cordless vacuum cleaner with a top battery by 48%

Ahead of Black Friday with Carrefour and its generous services, like this vacuum cleaner Taurus. At almost half the price, this vacuum cleaner will make you forget about the broom and dust forever. Take advantage before the price increases and save more than 100 euros!

Choosing a vacuum cleaner is a safe option. You save time, you don’t get dirty and you reach corners that you haven’t cleaned in depth before. In addition, the advantage of the Taurus Ultimate Digital is that it is 3 in 1 so you can vacuum floors, sofas, tables, etc.

Filter in three stages

Taurus Ultimate Digital is a cordless vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner, very light and easy to use. He also stands out for doing silentso you can use it at home without disturbing the neighbors or whoever is watching TV with you.

Although what we really like is what it is multifunctional. You can use it as a broom or a handheld. As it comes with many accessories, cleaning will be done very well. For example, it has a 70 cm extension tube, a lance up to the most difficult corners and a multi-purpose brush for furniture and upholstery. It also includes a shoe with a brush and an LED light so you can pass it over any floor or carpet.

taurus vacuum cleaner

There is no doubt that this Taurus vacuum cleaner is designed to give you more comfort. In fact, it has a 270º ergonomic handle so you can hold it from any angle. It also has a special empty button so you don’t get your hands dirty and just press the button.

It is a very powerful vacuum in terms of vacuum. filter out. It uses three stages to capture different parts of the dust and Centrifugal power to separate the dust and remove the clean air and make the air clean. Also, the filter is washable so you can keep it in perfect condition whenever you vacuum.

Another topic of his interest is her battery. It allows 40 minutes of non-stop cleaning, so you can vacuum up to 200 square meters on one charge. It also has a charge indicator with five LEDs to track the battery and know if it is full or not. However, the battery will depend on the use you give it. As it has two speeds (Eco and Turbo), you can choose depending on the situation.

Take advantage of the 48% discount

Carrefour is ahead of Black Friday with one of the best deals on cordless vacuum cleaners. You’ll love this Taurus for its functionality, but you’ll love even more that it’s almost half the price. From 249 euros, the price drops to 129 € each so you can buy it cheaper than ever.

Luckily, Carrefour has it free shipping and delivered within three days. You will not have to pay more, or you will have to wait for weeks without cleaning your house. Don’t miss the opportunity!

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