Carlyn Romero responded to the hateful comments she received on social media after Top Chef VIP

Through her social network, Carlyn Romero responded to the criticism she received in the discussion for her involvement in The VIP chef.

In a series of stories on his official Instagram profile, the girl answered a few questions from her followers.

Are you showing yourself as you really are or is it an attitude?“, launched a netizen.

After this, the influencer said: “It’s just me, mate shit“.

“That’s how I am, sensitive, like in the first chapter, a mourner, but also crazy, happy and good,” he said.

“Even I’m still a leader and strict. When I set something as a goal, I’m like that (…) but I’m a good person, with a good heart and a bright heart,” he added.

Meanwhile, another user asked: “Why do people hurt you?“.

Regarding this, the candidate pointed out that “it is something that I do not understand, but there is something like a political campaign in the relationship, so (they say)” to Venezuela’, ‘Venezuelan, it. is a shame for your country,’ ‘how egocentric’, ‘your voice is shrill because you are Venezuelan and you have a Chilean voice’.

“Everything bothers the world and I won’t do anything. If it bothers them, what can I do? “I can’t stop being me to make people like me,” he continued.

In closing, Carlyn Romero remembers the good times. “Today (Thursday) I went to the store to buy something for the Viña Festival, and they asked me about the photos (…) that’s what I’m left with, with the good vibes of the people who saw me at the way,” he added.

With social media, I can’t do anything, except to send love to those people to get rid of hate from their hearts.“, he said.

Check out Carlyn Romero’s post-critic comments for The VIP chef

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