Carlos Bolsonaro testified for the PF about social media in 2023

Carlos Bolsonaro
There is hope that the Rio councilor will comment on the PF project that was targeted on Monday.| Photo: presented / CMERJ / Agência Brasil

President Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicanos-RJ) reported to the Federal Police on Tuesday (30) around one hour in connection with the investigation of the publication that he published in social media in August last year. This document is based on a confidential decision and includes an ad that is considered offensive to the company’s director, Andrei Passos Rodrigues.

The announcement was made as part of a campaign in which he posted a post from the “Iron Lady” profile that took insulting pictures about his father, Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who died, and said “zero search and seizure, zero research. , zero blocked profiles, zero repudiated reports, people arrested: zero.” The title of the post contains the phrase “anything for democratic governance” (look at it all).

According to information from the PF intelligence service, the board of directors announced “will harm the current director” of the company. Then, in turn, do not know the truth and, as indicated, asked to open the investigation.

The exact details of the statement and the development of the investigation have not been disclosed, because the investigation is considered confidential. Carlos Bolsonaro left the PF without speaking to the media about the case.

There is hope that Carlos Bolsonaro will also testify about the work he is the target of this Monday (29), which has been working to search and arrest reports of addresses linked to him in Rio de Janeiro as part of an investigation into espionage charges. . of the officers set up in the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin).

However, the message has been banned since August last year on social media.

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