Burgos CF and Real Valladolid, the two teams that have grown the most in the network

Castilla y León teams that compete in LALIGA HYPERMOTION They have improved their presence at the meeting With its participation in the LALIGA IMPULSO project, the initiative from CVC will inject almost 2000 million euros into the organizations participating in the plan, with the aim of making their changes trade in many places from 20 years.

One of them is the digital field. Alejandro Grandinetti, CEO of Burgos CF, said “We bet on campaigns paid news in TikTok», that the Burgos club “has grown in terms of communication by 1,196%”, in the last 12 months, “even more than Inter Miami”, the American team in which Lionel Messi plays.

David Espinar, spokesman and head of the Council of Ministers, said about this that “In five seasons of dating we went from 500,000 followers to over five millionwhich means multiplying the number of followers by 10. In addition, we have increased platforms, from only 3 now there are 6 platforms in the networks.

For his part, Mirandés Sports Club, according to Ricardo Cantera, director of the Miranda de Ebro club, “thanks to the IMPULSO plan we have grown in followers, with participation. For a club ‘small me’ like us, this project overseen by LALIGA gave us more presentations and talks than we expected.”

The Anduva organization has also prioritized the use of new technologies to improve its internal operations. In this sense, Cantera refers to the “DATA DRIVEN project that we have been working on for the past two seasons and from now on we are starting to be able to benefit from the recruitment spin atmosphere, knowledge and interests.” Also, Technological advances have also taken place in the introduction of digital subscriptions and create an online store.

Football cities and stadiums

At the same time, the three Castilian-Leonese groups chose to improve their facilities. In the case of Burgos CF, Grandinetti revealed that “We use the advantage of this money to meet the investment in the stadium change it to the requirements of the professional organization. In addition, we have created two VIP areas on the side and back, which hold 160 seats, taking advantage of the area of ​​the stadium where we cannot sell tickets.

In the city of Pisuerga, Real Valladolid’s plans are directed towards the construction of the new Zorrilla and Sports City. Espinar commented that the “star project” of the Blanquivioleta club is “the new sports city, which due to the change of the local government delayed the signing of the document and now we are negotiate with the City Council so that in two weeks we will have it released. We hope that they will give us this land, because it will involve an investment of 15 million euros from IMPULSO plan. Regarding the new stadium, he said that “the City Council will modify part of it”, with the aim of “covering the south end, which is the only one that we not available at the height of the rest of the stand. “, as well as conditioning “exterior and entrance.”

In the same way, CD Mirandés’ main plan is “the construction of a new main base that will be in all the main services for the adaptation of the television rules, as well as the different rules of safety and risk prevention.” A project that they plan to build “by the end of the current season 23/24.”

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