Bradesco creates digital action on social media with Deborah Secco

Bradesco has invited the actress Deborah Secco to star in a special social media show, promoting the quality and the places that the company’s customers need to achieve PIX on the market digital journey.

In the campaign video, the actor plays an alien, wearing an iconic costume that has been hit on one of the most popular toys, which has recently appeared here in Rio de Janeiro. The production shows the ease of doing business on WhatsApp with BIA, the company’s financial intelligence, as well as making Pix with a simple voice message from anywhere. This initiative supports Bradesco’s philosophy of being present at every moment of the customer’s life, with solutions that bring more efficiency and power to everyday life.

José Mauricio Lilla, director of communications at Bradesco, says: “We always monitor the call to action, monitor the results seen by people in social media, connected with the company’s business objectives. This focus allows us to focus on our collaboration with content creators and artists, such as as Deborah, where we presented advertising, talked about and showed the benefits of products, reaching the target audience in a real, interactive and engaging way ”

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