Bots are gaining ground in internet usage in Mexico

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About 42% of traffic in Mexico comes from malicious bots, designed to disrupt and take websites offline

Bots are a big and growing threat in the digital world. Imperva’s Bad Bot 2024 report shows this by noting that In Mexico, automated bot traffic represents more than 53% of all internet traffic. In turn, about 42% of these bots are malicious applications that can be used to carry out various types of attacks.

With that,Mexico is among the 3 countries with the worst bot traffic in the world. This includes Ireland and Germany, which represent 71% and 67.5% of all internet usage, respectively. In the case of Mexico, bot traffic goes from 45% to 53% from 2022 to 2023, which means a growth of 8%. Most importantly, since 80% of bot traffic corresponds tomalicious automated software applications.

Ricardo Cázares, vice president of Imperva in Latin America, explains, these are available capable of doing everything from simple web scraping to account takeover, spam and denial of service. Which represents the benefits of organizations, since the bots can make their services online, which leads to investment in customer service.

In that case, the manager said, The growth of bot traffic is linked to the use of generative AI. “Rapid adoption of generative AI and large language models has led to a 68.4% increase in malicious bots by 2023.” According to the report, Cázares says, the incidence of this problem in Mexico is higher than the world average, with an increase of 45.6% in the year.

In this way, the rise of the world is due to the fact thatAI technology uses bots for web scraping and automated crawlers to feed training models. While giving automatic users the ability to write automatic scripts for their own interests.

With the increase in bot traffic, it has been identified that account takeover will increase by 10% during the year 2023 worldwide. Of all the login attempts, more than 11% were connectedAttacks are carried out using automated bots. The Imperva report, which NotiPress accessed, noted that the most affected by this type of attack are the financial sector (36.8%), tourism (11.5%) and business services ( 8%).

However, given the bots’ ability to attack other attacks, these are not the only threats. Taking all types of violence into account, social media was targeted by 83% of these. The above, along with online betting business with 83.1%, video games 58.7%, and entertainment business 47.5%.

“Automated bots will soon overtake the share of internet use by humans, changing the way organizations protect their sites and applications,” said Cázares. In this way, it is important that with the introduction of AI tools in malicious software, organizations will be forced to invest more resources in management.automated car threat.

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