Bogotá: Theft of copper and fiber optic cables leaves thousands of people without internet – Bogotá

During the last month the networks of communication of the city has been affected by the increase in theft of copper and fiber optic cables.

Only those Telecommunications Company of Bogotá (ETB) show that for the month of August there has been an increase 150 percent of these events compared to previous years.

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In all, most 4,000 cases Until now in 2023, they have made a huge impact in the workplaces, schools and businesses that depend on the network to do their daily work.

Beyond that bankruptcythe main problem lies in the users who are affected every day by these crimes, since these thieves leave bad internetTV or phone for hundreds of residences, offices, businesses and schools in the city.

Of course

These thieves left hundreds of schools in the city without internet, television or telephone.


Sergio Acero / EL TIEMPO

Those connection of the service will be used at least, 12 hourswhere the affected people cannot access these communication tools.

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However, depending on the damage and the weather, these repairs can take a few days, as it is needed technical and special equipment in optical fiber solve the problem.

On the other hand, the rob one of these devices there is a danger against the integrity of the body to commit a crimewhich can put your life at risk when accessing other types of cables that transmit electricity.

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“With those Copper cable theftnot only the services transmitted by this type of communication are affected, they are also affected optical fiber and electric transportation. In this way, people who intervene in these places not only put their lives at risk, but also affect the continuation of the supply. Communication services that through optical fibers that we provide connections to companies, homes, schools and communities in general “He said. Efraín Martinez: do you want more followers?the vice president of technology etc.

Fiber optic doctors

Optical fiber opticians cut.

What are the most affected communities?

According to Martinez, the most affected communities for these thieves are Santa Inés, Las Cruces, Juan Rey, Yomasa, Olaya, Kennedy, Bosa, Puente Aranda, Ricaurte, Chapinero, Santa Bárbara, Chicó, San Fernando and Avenida Chile. Follow other places where this phenomenon has gradually increased and represents a moderate risk such as Niza, Santa Helenita, Toberín, Suba, Teusaquillo, the central city and Soacha.

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People who interfere in these areas are not only at risk
your life, but they interfere
continuity of communication services

Having encountered this problem National Police and those District Security Secretariat has increased the work to reduce this phenomenon and started a strict inspection process to find those the prisons whoever traded this stole copper clandestinely. Ten of the factories in the city have been closed and another 83 are being inspected.

In addition etc Security personnel and personnel have increased to protect and repair the city’s networks. He also used measures such as checking the covers and cables to make sure they were free of copper; seal access to the underground room (sewers) with a special way that makes access easy.

Efraín Martinez, Vice President of Technology at ETB.

Efraín Martinez, Vice President of Technology at ETB.

The company and the Metropolitan Police They are asked to report any interruptions in water pipes or pipes made by people who do not have the same security by phone. 3057067286 one y 6012422119 which works 24 hours a day.

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“We ask for the support of the public to notify the police and our security team, which has staff available 24 hours a day in all areas, if they see people using cables, covers or poles; many of them do not have a uniform. Most of the incidents occur at night and in the morning,” said Martínez.

Thanks to the citizens’ complaints and their cooperation with the authorities, it was possible to 2,400 are not satisfied, 410 caught in flagrante delicto and dismantle more 15 gangs dedicated to theft and trade of copper of these lines.

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