Bluesky announces general access and now allows you to create an account without an invitation

Bluesky, the social network that makes itself a competitor to X (formerly Twitter) released access to all users this week. Previously, it was only possible to create an account by invitation.

Launched in February 2023, Bluesky has become an alternative for those who want to run X. Created by Jay Graber and financed by Jack Dorsey, one of the founders of Twitter, the platform reaches 2 million users in November.

“Last year, we used invite code to help us manage growth while building features like middleware, personalized feeds, and more. Now, we’re ready for everyone join,” said the social network in a statement.

With free access, developers hope to be able to compete with X and Threads, an initiative by Mark Zuckerberg. So, with a general release for new people to join the platform, use the network, just enter the website, create your login ID and login.

How Bluesky works

The platform is an open source product. Therefore, unlike other brands that are controlled by a central company, such as Facebook, TikTok and X itself, the platform is decentralized.

“Behind the scene, we created the app in a way that puts control back in your hands. Here, your online experience is not controlled by any company”, guarantees the app.

Despite the positive comments from the distribution, the app has many similarities with Elon Musk’s social network. The main difference is that it has been determined by many less “toxic”.

The user has followers and can follow people, posts appear on the schedule. In addition, it can also share other people’s posts on your own time, a function similar to “retweet”.

This way, you can print photos and links, but you can’t live and post videos, for example. So far, there is also no option to send direct messages (equivalent to DM on Twitter).

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