Bloodborne Kart will be free and hit PC in January 2024

Bloodborne Kart will be free and hit PC in January 2024
Credits: Publishing / Lilith Walther

While the original Bloodborne shows no signs of finally arriving on PC, the fan project has already confirmed its presence on the platform. On Tuesday (31), the producer Lilith Walther confirmed that Your Bloodborne Kart project is almost ready and will be released for free on January 31st.

Along with the announcement, he released a new video for the game, which has a retro look and a twist on the genre. Although the name still has the street of Yarnham as its base, The battle will take place on various motorcycles, cars and karts with special powers.

The new Bloodborne Kart video also shows that some items from the first game, such as the hunter’s weapon and the pistol, will be retained. However, do not expect to see anything similar to the original work done by FromSoftware in the game – the goal is to use entertainment to rethink the experience come

Bloodborne Kart will be free

In its final version, the new racing game will feature a cast made up of 12 routes, 16 maps and complete one game challenge. Walther also promises to offer some pretty cool boss battles, as well as a variety of local races with split abilities.

In addition to racing, Bloodborne Kart will also have a VS Battle mode, in which only one participant will emerge alive. Posted on a project created by a fan will take place for freeand download links to be published on its release date.

Walther is known to the community for his work on Bloodborne PSX Demake, which transformed the beginning of the adventure into a game in the best possible way on the first PlayStation. Although rumors have circulated for years that the original title could receive a remake, so far nothing has been confirmed by FromSoftware or Sony, which owns the rights to franchise.

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