Before entering the Internet in a video conference

Do you work or study at home and need video conferencing? Find out how you can prioritize these services on your router, for a seamless experience.

Video conferencing has become commonplace for many Internet users. Although they are not used as much during the epidemic, they are still used for business meetings, online classes or to reach friends or family who are far away. Of course, for the experience to be flawless, it is important that the network is working properly.

It is possible that now you have a large bandwidth, with upload and download speeds up to 1 Gbps … or at least in theory, because in reality , the speed of the Internet does not depend only on upload and download speeds. , but you must take into account other factors such as latency.

Without going too deep, it can be said that latency is the speed at which the request is responded to. And, among other things, this speed is measured by the devices and applications that use the network at that time. The more simultaneous requests, the more latency the connection will have.

That is why it is so important have a good routerwhich uses technology to reduce latency (‘beamforming’, MU-MIMO, etc.) and make a business priority that it manages itself.

Next, we will show you how to do the important things on the Internet, to guarantee the best in video chat, take AVM FRITZ! Box routers are popular examples.

Give priority to video conferencing

Whether you use a laptop or desktop computer, or if you have special equipment for video conferencing (webcam, microphone, hands-free speaker, etc.), you always have a possible choice. be the main focus of this tool, so that it has preferred access to the bandwidth of your connection. You just need to follow the steps shown below, in this way, give priority.

Access the user interface of your FRITZ! Box router. Then click on the text Red in the village y Red, and continue with clicking on the tab Network connection.


Then click on the icon Correct next to the device you want to install and, in the section Internet usageactivate the option Internet use as an access profile and importance.

Finally, click on the button Please Save the configuration. From then on, the router will provide the most important options for using the Internet. It will give you priority over the rest, so that traffic from other devices remains in the background.


In addition to prioritizing the devices you most often use for video conferencing in your home network, you can prioritize the applications where you often make these types of calls (such as Group or Zoom). You just need to follow these simple steps.

Enter the FRITZ! Box user interface again. Then click on the menu Internet on the left, and click The filters and in tab First.

Continue with clicking on the idea The new law corresponds to the section of the main category that you want to give to. Also select, from the drop-down list, the application you want to prioritize. You will have to first set the ports it uses, in the section Network applications from the tab Names.


However, remember that you can choose between three main categories:

  • in real timel: The applications that you select from the list will always have the information they need and should be prioritized over the rest.
  • With emphasis: Applications can use up to 90% of data transfer speed, as long as the Internet connection is not occupied by other applications belonging to the ‘Real-time’ category.
  • In the background– The apps assigned to this category will have priority when other apps use the Internet connection.

To save the right advance, click Accept. This way, the video chat application will have priority in the connection, while you use other network applications, even those that work in the background.

What else can you do?

Most problems with video conferencing are caused by a poor Internet connection, lack of wireless protection, or because of too many conversations, as we saw at the beginning. To connect with the best, follow these tips.

  • Check those bandwidth required from your device or video conferencing app and confirm that your network connection meets them. If not, you should check your network configuration first or consider upgrading to a high-end router.
  • Whenever possible, connect wired instead of Wi-Fi network. You can also use a Wi-Fi repeater or PLC adapter to have a better connection in the part of the house that is far from the router’s wireless network.
  • Turn off other devices or applications that may be using bandwidth, even if it’s important. Pay close attention to devices and applications that are constantly connected, such as smart speakers or virtual assistants.
  • In a video conference with many participants or where there is a connection problem, it may be a good idea to reduce the video quality of the participants or even cut off all cameras ( except the speaker).

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