Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox Series X|S: release date can be revealed by leak

Xbox fans this year will get the best RPGs of the yearand after Diablo IV and Starfield, the eyes of BAldur’s Gate 3 which is confirmed for this year on Xbox, but when exactly? The release date has been revealed on the internet.

This is eXtas1s, a well-known name in gaming rumors, who announced to Exputer what they wrote from undisclosed “inside sources”: a fantastic RPG from Larian Studios can arrived. December 6, 2023or at least this is now the team has planned the whole day, but they have no intention of publicizing it.

The reticence may be due to the fact that the playtest seems to be ongoing, and if they have some problems it can still be delayed. If all goes as planned, however, Baldur’s Gate 3 should finally arrive next month on the Xbox Series X|S as well.

Meanwhile, patch 4 was released yesterday which contains more than 1000 other tweaks and improvements, with all of these updates also included in the Xbox version in time for the announcement.


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