Bad Bunny unleashed the fury of the conversation by entering a show on horseback

Bad Bunny, begins his long-awaited “Most Wanted Tour 2024” at the Delta Center stadium in Utah, and his return to the stage is one of the biggest in the world. However, the first show was not without controversy, since the artist entered on a horse, and the performance was not good.

The controversial entry caused discomfort among some viewers, who expressed their disapproval in the discussion. A young man asked: “What do you think about using horses for your tour?” Another Internet user added: “When did it seem like a good idea to enter with a horse with millions of people making noise, spotlighting the animal’s ugly face and smoking?“. There are even those who have accused the use of horses as “animal abuse.” The artist’s idea is to recreate the image of the cover of his latest album, “No one knows what’s happening tomorrow,” but it’s not. well received.

The controversy added to the criticism of reggaeton, a genre of which Bad Bunny is one of the most important representatives. Fher Olvera, leader of the group Maná, recently expressed his displeasure with reggaeton’s message in an interview with Billboard. He criticizes the violence and injustice present in many songs of the music genre, pointing out: “I think when you do this type of writing you’re running away from writing and you’re used to that type of writing.”

Bad Bunny on Most Wanted Tour: A Controversy

Despite the controversy, the Great Desire of Bad Bunny is shaping up to be the biggest concert in the history of Salt Lake City, even more than U2. The artist, named Benito Martínez Ocasio, dazzled the public with his return, riding a horse and dressed as a cowboy.


Bad Bunny unleashed the fury of the conversation by entering a show on horseback

Bad Bunny unleashed the fury of the conversation by entering a horse show

Photo: : Frazer Harrison. | Getty Images

The tour, which includes 37 dates in 31 cities in North America, generated good expectations. Salt Lake City, with its growing Latin community, welcomed Bad Bunny with pride, exceeding the expectations of sales and giving the concert one of the biggest in the urban history.

The concert included an acoustic session and a tribute to his trap hits, such as “Tú No Metes Cabra”, “Soy Peor” and “Tú No Vive Así”. The Most Wanted will continue its journeypromises to continue to amaze fans in cities like Las Vegas and Los Angeles./

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