Avatel received 62 million in the latest public assistance for rural internet, almost half of the total

Adamo received 34 million, MásMóvil 10.4 million and Telefónica only received 181,409 euros


Avatel Telecom is the main beneficiary of public assistance from the ‘Project for the Universalization of Digital Infrastructures for Cohesion’ (Single – Broadband) – aimed at promoting internet in rural areas – and will receive 61.83 million euros, that is, 46% of the 134.36 million euros provided by the Secretary of State for Communications and Digital Infrastructure, according to the resolution of the call.

The public services granted to Avatel will account for almost 80% of the capital requested by the company (77.29 million euros) and the operator’s proposal has been the winner in all 32 states, which should provide broadband services. around 180,000 units.

The second company that will receive the most money in this call for help is Adamo, to which the government has given 34.4 million euros (25.6% of the total amount), followed by Vento Rede (12.32 million euros ), Operadora Ibérica de Redes y Servicios de Telecomunicaciones (11.01 million euros), MásMóvil (10.41 million euros), Asteo Red Neutra (4.18 million euros) and Telefónica, which will only receive 181,409 euros.

In that sense, MásMóvil’s proposal has been the most effective in five states and the goal is to cover 33,556 homes, while Telefónica has only been selected in La Rioja, where it will have pay up to 650 units.

Adamo has been selected in eight states and the target of general service is 81,303 houses, while Vento Rede will work in two states with a target of 29,134 units.

Meanwhile, Asteo Red Neutra has to pay 11,157 houses in Segovia and Operadora Ibérica de Redes y Servicios has been selected in Alicante for a total of 23,612 apartments.

The total budget of this call for rural internet support is 134.36 million euros and the total number of homes to be covered is 358,697.

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