As welcomed, Quantum Error is a bad thing in its own right and cannot be blamed on the Xbox Series S

TeamKill Media said that the Xbox Series S is damaged and it cannot work Error value. It seems that this studio is not looking past their nose and what seems to be really bad (at the cost of the game) is the game itself. His first notes have no room for doubt, the game is destroyed, so it is not a fault of the console, it is the product itself and its recommendations.

Yes, we visited Metacritic now, Quantum Error has an average rating of 47 out of 100, now as 9 there is a distribution. Almost all of them stick to the same thing, it’s a boring game and even if it has some good ideas, it’s poorly executed. Also, the graphics are like Playstation 3.

The studio defended itself from criticism on social media, explaining that it created an independent game and that it did not have the production values ​​or costs as a large triple-A projects:

We are satisfied of our game and real We take all criticism as praise for being judged against the AAA budget game when we are clearly free with a small budget related to restrictions. To everyone who mocks us on social media or is happy in the game. This will not stop us or change what we do. We can’t wait for the players to play QE.

We are very happy that our players can finally be our brand and nothing will stop our enthusiasm. We will continue to improve and, with more money, we will do more in the future. Bad reviews do nothing to change our solution and the games we are working on. Some people may not like our game and that’s okay, because that’s why there are so many other games to choose from. We welcome criticism. Talk to the players: we don’t make modern games, we have a lot of old school and EQ only need to be checked and understood after the tutorial.

The game was released for PlayStation 5 and will soon be released on Xbox, certainly when it arrives on Xbox they have already managed to solve some errors that the game can appear, but the foundation will not change and the fault cannot be accompanied by any error. console, but of what they create that so far does not seem to be convincing.

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