Aruba, the happiest Dutch island in the Caribbean

Eagle Beach, in Aruba, is recognized by Tripadvisor as the best beach in the Caribbean and second in the world.

Eagle Beach, in Aruba, is recognized by Tripadvisor as the best beach in the Caribbean and second in the world.

Photo: Courtesy Aruba Tourism Authority

“Het leven has gone. Very interesting. Life is good. Good life”, Dutch, Papiamento, English and Spanish. They are four languages Aruba, and for someone who barely speaks Spanish and tries to understand English, listening to conversations where people use four languages ​​at the same time can be surprising. What is not surprising, because from the first moment it is true, is the warmth of the local people, who thank them always smiling kindly supporting the name of Happy Island.

Aruba, located about 25 km off the coast of Venezuela, is one of the Caribbean islands that are part of the four countries that make up the Kingdom of the Netherlands. For this reason, when walking through its streets it is common to see monuments such as Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands or Anne Frank, as well as Dutch license plates and cars with steering wheel on the right.

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And this island is characterized by its diversity. Being a country with the best beaches in the world, eg Eagle Beach, recognized by Tripadvisor as the number one beach in the Caribbean and second in the world for several years in a row, but also because the interior has a desert landscape with limestone caves and typical Dutch architecture in pastel colors.

Such diversity and diversity, which is reflected in its conversations, ways and food, is the result of the fact that in Happy Island People of more than 100 nationalities live together, eager to welcome and willing to exchange stories and experiences.

β€œPeople are the best representatives we have, they make you feel at home. We have one percent of tourists and tourists in the Caribbean, because people are very happy when they come here. That’s why we speak differently and we always try to get the guests in their language, “as said by Tita Iglesias, expert in events and promotion of Aruba Tourism Authority, From a young age, the locals are taught to strengthen one of the island’s most valuable assets: happiness.

And this country, which receives more than one million tourists a year from the airport and another 700,000 from the cruise ship, and where 89% of its income is related for tourism, not only supported by its recommendations of health and security. There are also major events such as Aruba Beach Tennis Open Big concerts are additional arguments that make more and more tourists visit this island that has 365 days of the sun.

Back to the opposite, this month, in the southwest of Oranjestad, the island’s capital, at the Harbor Arena, an old abandoned port that is connected to the restoration that bright lights and a colossal cruise ship dock, the largest concert hall in Aruba. long time.

More than 900 tourists who arrived joined nearly 8,000 locals from all over the island who gathered on this stage to enjoy the concert of Romeo Santos, king of bachata, which lasts until dawn.

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“We have not had a concert of this magnitude since before the epidemic. We think it is very important to push the tourism and entertainment sector with a big show. More people from Aruba go to other countries to see a concert, so we want to bring an artist of this height, so that the locals, tourists and artists feel welcome the island,” Mark Benson, a representative of Elite Entertainment, the creator of the event.

This broad knowledge, diversity in its ways and the latent multiculturalism in every corner are what make it Aruba stand out from the Caribbean islands. This was said by Tita Nieves, who said that Aruban cordiality is an example with many visitors, 69% of people from the United States, 12% from Europe and 8% from South America .

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In this case, the Barometer-the annual report of Viajala’s flight search-, which identifies almost 30 million studies in Latin America to study the movement of the tourism industry in 2023 and make its bet for Colombia in 2024, positioned Aruba and Santo Domingo as important worldwide.

“The beaches of the Caribbean have always been popular with Colombians, but it seems that these two are more interesting. Aruba is 98% more popular this year, with 6% lower prices. The average cost of flying from Colombia to Aruba went down from $1,200,073 in 2022 to $1,014,504 in 2023, for round trips,” the Viajala spokesman reported.

Similarly, the Wingo aircraft was launched this year for the first time in history directly connecting Cali with Arubawith two weekly flights during the peak months.

So, the difference, diversity and diversity of knowledge that those Happy Island These are additional reasons for one of your travel goals in 2024 to put an Aruban stamp in your passport.

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