Artificial intelligence: why are women less likely to use technology than men?

Harriet Kelsall smiles for a photo from inside the house

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Harriet Kelsall said she was disappointed by using ChatGPT

  • The author, Mary Lou Costa
  • responsibility, BBC Business Reporter

The popular ChatGPT, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) virtual robot, now has more than 180 million users, but jeweler Harriet Kelsall says the feature is not for her.

Kelsall, who lives in Cambridge, England, said that when he tried ChatGPT this year, he found an error. He tried those chatbot (chat bot, in free translation) asked about the crown worn by King Charles III at his coronation in May, St. Edward’s Crown.

“I asked ChatGPT to give me some information about the corona virus, just to see what he had to say,” he said. “I know a lot about the crown jewels and I see that there are big chunks in the text that mention the wrong crown.”

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