Android is the operating system most used by Spanish

  • 78.8% of the population with a smartphone prefer Android compared to 16.3% who choose iOS.
  • iOS users are younger than Android users.
  • WhatsApp is the most popular application for messaging and video calling.

78.8% of Mexicans with a smartphone have Android as their operating system compared to 16.3% who prefer iOS, according to data from CNMC Family Panel for the second quarter of 2023 which analyzes the use of Internet and OTT services in Spain.

Operating system of smartphone (II-2023, percentage of people)

Universe: People with smartphones. Source: CNMC.

Young people are the majority of iOS users, while Android users are older. Four out of every ten citizens who use iOS are between 15 and 34 years old, while for Android the proportion is just over two out of ten. 43.5% of Android users are over 50 years old, while for iOS the percentage is 25.5%.

Age distribution by mobile phone use (II-2023, percentage of people)

Global: * People with iOS smartphone, ** People with Android smartphone. Source: CNMC.

Internet usage continues to increase, with nine out of ten people going online at least once in the past three months and almost 80% reporting using it several times a day. Searches by phone have also grown and 85.5% of Mexicans with mobile phones access the Internet using mobile broadband services.

People who use the Internet many times a day (percentage of people)

Global: People who have used the Internet in the past three months. Source: CNMC.

Among Internet users, WhatsApp continues to be the best application for messaging (almost 95%) and calling (67%). About messaging onlineAfter WhatsApp are Instagram (34.5%), Facebook Messenger (24.9%) and Telegram (18.7%).

Courier service online Most used (II-2023, percentage of people)

Global: People who use the Internet at least once a week. Source: CNMC.

More than 80% of Mexicans with a smartphone use it several times a day to send or receive messages online. Almost half use it every day to browse chats and 43.2% to check email. The least used services are watching movies (28.1%), playing games (21.3%) and site services (10.4%).

Daily use of services with smartphone (II-2023, percentage of people)

Universe: People with smartphones. Source: CNMC.

70.5% of Mexicans send messages online several times a day and 30.3% send text messages. Users call with their cell phones (34.8%) far more than phone users (8%); In fact, 43.6% said they never used it to call. 64.1% of the population said that they do not use their mobile phone to send SMS.

Frequency of use of calls and telephones from traditional and OTT communication services (II-2023, percentage of people)

World: People. Source: CNMC.

The way

These results are part of CNMC Family Panel, a survey of families and individuals on a semi-annual basis. CNMC aims to collect information directly from the public through surveys and service cost analysis. The study is diverse in nature and collects information related to communication, vision, energy, postal and transportation industry, etc. Research for this wave was conducted in the second quarter of 2023 and included 5,217 families and 9,095 individuals. This tool provides comprehensive and diverse data, and allows CNMC to better understand the customer’s perspective.

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