Andrea Valdiri has become a model for the curious videos that she posted on her social network

Currently, Andrea Valdiri is one of the most popular people of this time on the digital platforms, where he has given a lot to talk about in recent months because of his expectations apart from Felipe Saruma, the creator of the content that controlled his mind later. giving her unconditional support in difficult times, especially during the pregnancy of her youngest daughter, Adhara.

However, although their love story seems to be going in a very good way, acting in a romantic moment as a couple and enjoying a happy place with their family, after a few months of thinking about the problem in their marriage, Valdiri has expressed through his Instagram stories to confirm what many of his followers have thought: the end of his relationship with the producer.

“I read a lot of words machi and I understand that you are part of my life because I was published in public, because it showed beautiful things, constant things, bad things. But I don’t know what happened, said some time now, for three years… One is maturing, one is not the same, time changes, children grow up and you do many things that once another. your picture will not affect, right? “, he began to share when talking about his love, which always causes anxiety.

Felipe Saruma has come out to defend Andrea Valdiri after criticism for their split

Philip Saruma and Andrea Valdiri | Video: Instagram @felipesaruma

Later, she admitted that she had a very good marriage with Saruma, but it was easy to learn “Marriage is not four, or five, marriage is two people and a decision by two people,” did not give more details about the reasons for his decision, as he focused on clarifying that they were following the recommendations.

Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook | Video: Image: Facebook

Andrea Valdiri has become a model when it comes to love

Although at the moment both of them have not revealed the reason for their divorce, recently, Andrea Valdiri has gained the attention of his followers by talking about love and making sure that he refused to go back to any of his former partners. “I don’t like candy back,” he said.

End of rumors.  Andrea Valdiri has confirmed the end of her marriage with Felipe Saruma

Andrea Valdiri | Video: Instagram @andreavaldirisos

Then, He said that he does not want anything that has love because he has become his enemy. “If I talk about love, I think more than one person will kill me,” he added with a laugh before he reiterated that he does not want a couple of lovers to knock on the door again: “I don’t love.”

In the end, La Valdiri denied that he was quickly bored in the relationship and said that for some time now he is reserved with himself, because he likes to remember all the beautiful things to avoid there is anger.

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