An organization that sells luxury clothes online has been destroyed

The chalet in Riudecanyes is the center of a criminal organization dedicated to selling luxury clothes online. During the operation, carried out on Monday morning by the Civil Guard, between five or six people were investigated (not arrested). Thousands of pieces have been seized.

An investigation by the Police of Justice of the Civil Guard of Tarragona began this summer after realizing that a group was dedicated to this crime. At the same time, the Court of Inquiry 3 of Reus opened a criminal case.

The investigators determined that the group was living in a chalet in the Monclús de Riudecanyes urbanization. There, approximately every week, a truck arrives from abroad with counterfeit goods of various kinds.

Members of the group are eager to sell them on the Internet. They are many products that are sold for hundreds of euros. According to the neighbors, it is seen that arriving at the delivery center every day to collect the orders to send them to the beneficiaries.

Some members of the group stayed in a three-story chalet with a swimming pool.

Finally, shortly before nine in the morning, twelve representatives of the Court of Appeal of Tarragona and Salou of the Civil Guard appeared at home with a decision from the Court of Inquiry 3 of Reus. The officers were accompanied by the Prosecutor of the Court of Justice to draw up instructions as well as judicial experts.

The officers knocked on the door and did not need to use the door. Before they search the house, where they find a lot of money. Then, around ten o’clock, they entered the garage, where the items were, mostly clothes, but also some perfumes. This was packed into the van.

People who appear under investigation are accused of crimes against property and others belonging to a terrorist group or organization.

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