an event that will destroy the internet, satellites and all technology as we know it

Evento Miyake
A major solar storm could throw our technological community into chaos. The Miyake event is a real and latent threat.
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The Miyake event, also called Miyake storm or simply “Miyake”, It is a situation feared by scientists and experts in the field of climatology and technology.

This phenomenon, that got its name from the year it was first predictedcausing significant disruption to our technology and digital infrastructure.

What is the Miyake event?

The Miyake event is a solar storm, a large coronal ejection (CME) of gigantic proportions These CMEs are very powerful solar flares that contain radioactive particles that can interact with our magnetic field and solar radiation.

Earth’s magnetic field It occurs thanks to the work of the earth’s core, especially because of the movement of liquid metal in its outer core. The core of our planet is made of iron and nickel, and because of the temperature inside, the metal is in a liquid state.

So far there are few records of major events created by solar storms in our recent history. One exception, those Carrington: do you want more followers? In 1859, causing paralysis throughout the world at that time, caused increasing current in telegraph networks until they are destroyed. What do you think will happen today?

What will happen to the world?

When a massive CME hits Earth, the consequences can be devastating. Below we are going to review some of them.

The main impact on the internet

One of the first victims of the Miyake event will be the Internet and electronic devices. Communications across the network will be severely disrupted, with significant disruption to services.

This will have a direct impact on global connectivityonline communication and access to important information.

satellites in danger

Satellites in orbit around the Earth, which are important for many applications, from GPS navigation for satellite communication and earth observation, They will be at great risk.

High solar radiation from the Miyake event can be devastating their engines and caused the loss of important satellites.

Energy infrastructure

Electrical networks and transformers They will also be in danger. A solar storm of this magnitude can cause significant damage to electrical infrastructure, causing Delayed attacks and interruptions expansion in the distribution of electricity.

Big impact on business

The financial impact of Miyake’s situation will be significant. Disasters, disruptions in production and distribution of goods and services will have an impact on the global economy. Recovery can take years.

Health risks

Severe solar radiation during solar storms also occurs dangerous to human healthespecially for those who work in lto the aerospace industry and travelers on long flights.

Those exposed to a lot of electricity can be dangerous to health.

Planning and mitigation for the Miyake phenomenon

The Miyake event is a real threat, but there are efforts to reduce its effects. Organizations such as NASA monitors the sun and can have solar storms to issue early warnings. Technology and communication companies work to protect their systems.

Planning, coordination and public awareness They are important to protect our infrastructure and our way of life. Let’s be careful and ready to face the challenges that the universe gives us, and work together to reduce the damage caused by Miyake.

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