AI and 6G will make the Internet of Intelligence possible

The Internet changes everything and is the “culprit” that you can read this article, upload photos to your social network or watch your video, film or video. If we look only 30 years ago we would not expect to find such a connected world, with so much information and so much entertainment. But come on AI will again push humanity into the future and this will also arrive with 6G. How the news is in the call IoT?

He Internet of Intelligent Things, or IoTI from its English acronym is to thank the words of the president of Vivo Communications Research Institute, Qin Fei. He left some interesting comments about how he sees the future now in a few years, where IoTI will be everything.

AI will open the door to the unprecedented deployment of 6G


It is a combination like copper and ADSL, only much wider and more interesting because it includes AI under its belt. Everything will change. The way we connect and communicate may have other reasons which are:

“In the past we talked about the Internet of Things, but with 6G we talk about Smart Internet of Things. He 6g do It will provide the best communication and information throughout the world, and integrate the services included, thus becoming the basis for the connection and integration of the body and the digital world. When we build the 6G network, we will use Artificial Intelligence technology to create the air interface and also manage the 6G network itself. “

What does Fei mean by this? The key here is convergence. We are talking about a future where there is a high speed connection similar to the current and ubiquitous fiber. The bandwidth will make the cloud services more powerful, so the devices will slowly move to the cloud and the things we have at home or on top will be almost the only receivers of time, with great autonomy, no heat.

Among these applications are those Virtual and Augmented Realitycan be used holograms using air humidity, multisensory contact, unbeatable communication of robots we have at home, regardless of a Fully autonomous driving with optimized traffic.

Health and safety at the center of everything


Increase Internet bandwidth 10 and 100 times with 6G It will bring us problems, like with AI. The current war on the Internet and between governments includes some patterns LLM of the really ridiculous AIs, where there are already some AIs that hack other AIs, at a very basic level that is.

It is a dystopian future more like Hollywood than reality, where, for example, we can have a bed that monitors our sleep, heart rate, breathing, REM sleep, and etc… In fact, AI and 6G will be everywhere because of IoTI sIt is transmitted by satellites around the world. The low orbit of our planet will be filled with a network of the same kind that Starlink is just the beginning.

In addition to this, security is important, since AI and 6G will allow large-scale attacks anywhere in the world and on critical systems. Therefore, the next generation of computing power is important and will make a difference.

The power of company and the happiness of people


The problem is that this will have many companies, such as Google, Amazon or Microsoft, Baidu, Tencent and a few others. Computing power will be promised to companies, which will be able to do without their equipment and only need their equipment to work, where the keyboard and mouse can become automatic in the face of “aire” innovation.

In short, the future awaits us that brings more joy and at the same time more doubts, as it did 30 years ago, and is still here, updated. The question is, will this make us happier or will we be overwhelmed by the push of AI and 6G?

When new technologies are developed, no one wants to know whether they will be suitable for people. They aim to fulfill an existing need, and sometimes even create from nothing, so, Do we want them to live and be happy? It is a good question that can be well answered today.

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