After a conversation with Alane, Fernanda bombs on social media • DOL

Fernanda is making waves on ‘BBB 24’ and is attractive for her acidic and debauched personality – worthy of a really good show villain. On Wednesday afternoon (31), he had another controversial and “low” moment when he argued badly with Alane.

The sister’s behavior was considered ‘out of control’ by many viewers, who accused her of embarrassing the girl from Pará. However, there are people who like and root for brunette (or fire in the playground).

Alane, seen by many internet users as childish and not giving “fun”, responded after criticizing Fernanda and she talked about her body: “Are you talking about my body? I’m not a friend with people who judge people’s bodies like that (…) You respect me! You respect me! I won’t talk about your body,” said Alane. “You want to cry, cry baby rubber”, Fernanda mocked. At that time, both of them started screaming, leaving the house from shock.

Fernanda confirmed that she went overboard

The situation was so tense – to the point where the two teams fought outside the game – that Fernanda herself, even after laughing and mocking the fight with Pitel, realized that it has passed. “I made a mistake, I was too girly”, said the sister in a conversation with Rodriguinho.

The Shack was done

Despite the regret, Fernanda received support from many viewers on social media. Some people have mentioned the fact that the fight is “symbolic” and created many memes and good words, such as “root BBB”.

Others applauded Niteroi’s incredible words and asked the public not to dismiss a person who ‘moved home’, mainly because he “said to his face” Do people want to see the villain acting with everything in the most guarded house in the country? See some articles:

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