Aciu warned the partners about internet scams using Umuarama’s company name

The Association of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Umuarama (Aciu) has warned about fraud using the name of a company in the city. As a reminder, one of the pharmacies in Umuarama has had its name misused by fraudsters on the internet and at least one customer has suffered as a result of the fraud.

The victim searched on Google for the name of the pharmacy and received a phone contact with WhatsApp that appeared on the product request page. After confirming the payment, he was notified of the date to cancel the order.

However, when arriving at the pharmacy in Umuarama, none of the team had any information about the request and it was discovered that the phone number was posted on the internet Submitting the company is fake, including the area code for another city.

The injured businessman reported the crime to the Public Police for an investigation and asked for Aciu’s support to bring other companies in the city.

The warning agency is for companies to check whether the information published on the internet is correct. Customers should also be aware of in-app purchases and should contact a company representative if they have any concerns.

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