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The Brazilian Internet Agency (Abranet) has asked the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) to be careful, which is working to speed up the process of cutting 2G and 3G signals in Brazil, because the inequality will have an impact greatly affected the country’s economy and 2G connectivity. population, especially in rural areas and rural areas that still depend on 2G and 3G standards to have internet access.

On Wednesday, the 1st, the organization asked for participation in the funding process opened by the organization with measures to support the technological transition from 2G and 3G models to 4G and 5G pattern. The Abrane case shows that all measures to promote technological change must take into account that the coverage of mobile communications in Brazil is still limited to the central cities and large cities.

“Most of the country’s regions have not planned coverage and most will not exist in the future due to the lack of regulatory authority and financial interest. Therefore, the implementation Mobile Internet, especially in rural and remote areas, depends on the 2G and 3G standards and the disruption can cause serious damage to the public”, reports the document.

In addition, the organization recalled that, since the beginning of the mobile phone service in Brazil, users in remote areas have used external antennas and internal signals. “Currently, it is estimated that 2 million users depend on these devices for their connections”, points out the document. Despite the large number of users, Anatel’s management system has made the use of this equipment by the communication users impossible.

To reduce interference in rural and remote areas, Abrane suggests that Anatel minimizes the design process, giving users access to external antennas and lights red inside cellular boosters in every cell. The agency announced the death of Anatel’s current procedures so that the Brazilian regulations follow good international practices such as, for example, the procedures adopted by the FCC in the United States.

The organization also announced additional measures such as: investments for the modernization and expansion of 4G / 5G infrastructure; awareness of the benefits of new technologies; mobile support and support, as well as advertising and incentives to help continue to 4G / 5G; service plans at cheaper rates to help customers migrate; 4G / 5G integration to reduce overall costs; cooperation and collaboration with service providers, streaming services and developers to create services that support the potential of new models, driven by consumers.

Payment options

In addition to the concern with the connection and the right to access the internet throughout the country, Abrane mentioned the negative impact that can be closed on 2G and 3G models without planning suitable can be created both for the payment method and for Brazilian retailers and consumers. , directly affecting the population’s use of power, business and, therefore, the economy of the entire country.

According to the organization, part of the equipment used by business centers only works in 2G / 3G. In addition, although the terminals are compatible with 4G / 5G technology, the Brazilian market does not have such a program. “Connectivity, essential for sales and services and receiving payments, depends on 2G / 3G signals”, points out the text.

According to the data, the majority of “small machines” in the market use 3G networks and electronic devices that work in 5G are still considered small. Abranet also warns that the changeover is a gradual process, considering the costs involved for organizations and users, and emphasizes that the useful life of the device is around five years.

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