A new tool to fight cybercrime

In recent years, Organized crime groups have found their homes in small, low-profile online siteswhere they collect, share and link to content such as videos of violent haircuts and recruitment ads.

However, the new tool developed by Google suppliers in cooperation with the anti-terrorist NGO aims to solve this problem.

Height against violence

Posted on Friday in Paris, Altitude is a free tool developed by Jigsaw, a Google organization that tracks violence, misinformation and censorship, and Tech Against Terrorism, a group that tries to disrupt online terrorists. The goal is to provide small platforms with the ability to easily and efficiently check the content of criminals in their networks and remove it.

The project is also working with the Global Internet Forum to Prevent Crime, which is an industry leadership group, founded in 2017 by Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube, which holds information shared on hashtags of images, a kind of digital footprint, of terrorist content.

After years of mistakes and failures to solve the problem of removing malicious content from their networks, big tech giants like Facebook, Google and X (formerly Twitter) has removed this content from their networks, with the exception of Telegram. As a result, criminals have moved to less controlled and resourced areas, where their presence goes unnoticed or unaddressed because the companies involved are only lack of resources to deal with objections to cancellation requests.

“The Islamic State and other terrorist groups have not stopped using the internet because they no longer have a radio station on their social media platforms. They have found opportunities to host content on information hosting sites or other websites, small and medium platforms. platforms not They welcome the content of criminals, but they still hold it … and in fact, a lot of it.

Open the device?

Although there are some tools on the market that work similarly to Altitude, their cost is prohibitive for many small businesses. Experts like Green believe that This tool should be open source and free.

New equipment can be integrated directly into it backup from any platform it works with. It then links to Tech Against Terrorism’s Terrorist Content Analysis Platform, which is a collection of content created by designated terrorist organizations. The data allows all platforms using Altitude to easily check if content has been identified as criminal content.

Altitude will also provide details about the terrorist groups to which the content relates, other examples of such material, information about what other platforms have done with the material, and , over time, even information about the laws in a specific country or region.

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